Healing Over Time Spring 2014 Roundup

On the morning of the 29th of March (9am to be exact) most of the participants of Healing Over Time were already awake and gulping down their 3rd cup of coffee. Organizers were running around like headless chickens, trying to briefly fill the missing gaps before the big launch at 10am whilst trying not to panic. Volunteers placed their coolers full of goodies safely next to their computers, locking into their pilot chairs with a short prayer that their CPU’s would survive the battle of gaming that was about to ensue.

What appeared like a fun day of games was in actual fact a series of long nights and friendly banter over the exact mechanics that would become the event itself. In short; there was a lot of planning involved; Scheduling and Website design, prize draw and distribution, getting in touch with other organizations involved, and meshing all the separate compartments into one final product, to mention just a few of the categories that went into the development of this event. But was it all successful? I think so. In the end, we not only raised our goal amount of $5000 but even exceeded this by a whopping $1456, with one main generous donations coming from the stream of Blankspace of Viking Nation.

The event itself was hosted as a means to raise donations for the charity Child’s Play, whose goal is to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic abuse shelters around the world via video games. As such, Healing over Time consisted of a 24 hour game-athon of a pool of 35 games including Guild Wars 2, Starbound, Minecraft, Dota2, Hearthstone, Portal 2, Titanfall, and Left for Dead 2 across 13 live streams.

A brave 8 guilds stepped up to the challenge of either losing face or showing skill. Mystic Spiral [MYST] were joined by Viking Nation, Enigma, Relics of Orr, Afterlife, Dragon Season, Subterfuge Gaming, and BOON Control. Some of us had live streams to involve the audience in our epic quest, which grew steadily more entertaining as the hours flew by and fatigue set in. To add to the list streamers were capped at PG-13 which was probably the biggest challenge, especially after the 15 hour mark.

Cursing aside, each streamer received a colourful variety of prizes, which were handed out when questions were posed to the viewers or were added to a post-event prize draw as donations reached certain milestones. These prizes included; Guild Wars 2 items from a mouse mat to a hoodie and even some toasters (one of which made it as far as Brazil) to game codes, and vouchers for Green Man Gaming.

It was an all-around engaging event to be a part of, where doing what we love allowed us to assist a worthy cause. Given the chance most, if not all, of us would do it all over again, for both the experience and the charity.

Enter into our Free Prize Draw!

Thanks to our friends at ArenaNet and Carbine Studios, we have a bunch of swag for Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar to give away. As our donation total for Child’s Play rises so will the amount of prizes up for grabs! Initially, the following prizes will be available:

  • Wildstar Lanyard
  • Guild Wars 2 Bundle (containing Guild Wars 2 cloth shoulder bag, Wristband, Notebook, Bandana and Black Rytlock T Shirt (Size M) )
  • Guild Wars 2 Notebook
  • Art of Guild Wars Hardback Book
  • NCSoft Satchel Bag

When donations pass the $500 mark, the following prizes will be added to the pot:

  • Art of Guild Wars 2 Paperback Book
  • Art of Guild Wars Hardback Book
  • Guild Wars White T Shirt (Size L)
  • Wildstar Postcard Pack

More prizes will be unlocked at $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000 and $5000, including Guild Wars 2 Hoodies, a Rytlock Plushie, a Guild Wars 2 Toaster, Wildstar Aurin Mousemat, T-Shirts and Notebooks. To be in with a chance of winning, sign up to be entered into our free prize draw before 3pm UTC on Sunday 30th March. A full list of tiers is available on the Supporters page.

Meet Our Healers: Relics of Orr

Today we had a chat to Kate (aka Spirit) one of the six guild leads of Relics of Orr about their reasons for participating in the event and their plans for making it through the whole twenty four hours.



“Relics of Orr is a North American based guild that originated in 2007 in Guild Wars. Today, the majority of the guild is now based in Guild Wars 2, with a scattered presence throughout several other MMOs, including Rift, the Secret World, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. While the majority of our players are from the United States and Canada, a number of us hail from all around the globe, from the UK to New Zealand. Our members tend to be largely PvE players, but the guild also encompasses and encourages a wide range of play-styles and interests.”
How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

[MYST] were our allies in the later years of Guild Wars, and we were excited to be invited to participate with them in Healing Over Time after seeing how much they enjoyed MYSTathon.
What do you hope your group will get out of participating in the event?

I hope everyone has a good time and makes some memories together. Playing together like this is something we do regularly, but I hope that everyone enjoys sharing what we do with the world, and doing it for a good cause.
How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We’ll have three people trying to do the full 24 hours, and around 20 part-timers at various times throughout the day. There will be quite a cast of characters on our stream throughout the day.
What is going to make your group different?

We’re going to be doing a little bit of everything! PvP, PvE, Sandbox games, and MMO’s. We’ve got a wide range of skills levels, experiences, and playstyles in Relics of Orr and we’ll do our best to showcase all of them.
What in jokes does your guild have?

There are far too many in jokes to detail here, but I’d have to say my favorites are the abundance of non sequiturs. It’s a regular occurrence to reply to nonsense with nonsense of your own until there’s an almost logical flow to it. Also tacos.
How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

We’ve often been supportive of community and charitable events in the past. One of our favorites is Pink Day in LA, and we’ve been in attendance every year since 2009. Healing Over Time will be our biggest involvement in a charity event to date.
What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

We’re especially excited about getting back to our roots in Guild Wars. We’re planning on playing Alliance Battles, one of our favorite game-modes of all time. We’ll be the ones running around shouting “HAMSTORM!!!” like fools in all chat. There are kids in candy stores less excited than we are to be Hamstorming again.
What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

We’ll be changing up what we’re doing and who we’re playing with often, so I’m hoping that will keep us on our toes. Also energy drinks. And maybe showers. I hear showers help.


You can find out more about Relics of Orr at their website or by following them on twitter.

Meet Our Healers: Enigma

We spoke to Mizpah the Guild Leader of Enigma about their motivations for joining us for Healing Over Time and their plans for inter-guild shenanigans.Enigma


“Enigma is idealistic, passionate and generally cranky in the mornings before we’ve had coffee. Enigma is not only a guild, but also a vibrant community of gamers, with friendships that transcend the games we play. Taken as a whole we are from all walks of life and nationalities, we are tolerant and social, but we are also driven – to be the best that we can be at all times. Our guild credo is ‘Pro Bonus Dolus, Pro Palmo Ego’ – which roughly translates as ‘For the good of the guild, before the glory of self’. We expect to genuinely see this attitude in the day to day choices our members make.”


How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

A number of people within the guild have been aware of HoT for some time! Its a great opportunity to help a worthwhile cause, by doing something we are passionate about – gaming. Not only do we get to play more games together, its another chance to share some goals and work together, as a guild we thrive on challenges and its great to be able to put our efforts to good use for the community.


How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We are currently planning to have 5 Enigmates participated with 1 stream. 1 of our participants will be part time. Unfortunately the event collides with EGXRezzed, which has precluded a few people from doing the full 24 hours (I fall into this category!) However I am sure as group we will get the job done!


What is going to make your group different?

Does doing things the enigma way count ? You will find a blend of humour, personalities, nationalities, and hairstyles in the guild. We don’t tend to follow the script that often when it comes to gaming – we prefer to write our own. From the Comedic to the Analytical, there should be something for everyone amongst the guild streams.


What in jokes does your guild have?

There is a lot of backstory and in jokes within a guild that has been together for nearly a decade! From a raid where monty python kills tanks (true story!), to flying kitchen sinks. From many real life meet-ups to a guild leader that gets lost (allegedly) there is always something happening in Enigma.


How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

We have often supported individuals within the guild for charitable events, but I think this may be the first time we have put the guild out there as a ‘entity’ for a charitable event!


What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

We are looking to play a multitude of different genres from MMO’s to Moba style gaming. We are also looking at arrange a guild-match-off against Myst in Dota 2


What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

By taking this on as a team exercise for those in the guild. There will be plenty of conversation, Banter and Support going on.


Enigma can be found at their website and on twitter if you fancy finding out more.

A Big Thanks To Our Early Supporters!



To thank all our early donors and supporters we’re looking to give away a few early prizes from our extensive stash. For the rest of this week, up to 7pm UTC Friday you can get your hands on a Guild Wars 2 Toaster or a Guild Wars 1 Artbook by following us on twitter and retweeting this competition message. Alternatively if you’d prefer a Guild Wars 2 Charr plushie then like us on Facebook and comment on our competition message!

At 7pm UTC Friday we will randomly select a winner for each prize from the entries and will contact them through twitter or facebook for shipping details.